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  1. I just said the Thebans, because I really want them, since they are the biggest hole in being able to do the Peloponnesian War, and to a lesser extent the Greek-Persian Wars, properly. Syracuse is definitely on the short list, along with Numidia, Pontus, and Parthia, for other civilizations to include in Empires Ascendant.

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  2. Because 0 A.D. is still in development, and what the full release of Part 1 Empires Ascendant will look like still isn't known quite yet. The decision to add the Successors and Mauryans, split the Hellenes into the Athenians, Spartans, and Macedonians, and the Celts into the Britons and Gauls, were both rather sudden changes. If I am not mistaken, some work has gone into triggers, which are a major roadblock for campaigns and are technically planned for Part 2 Empires Besieged. With that development, I honestly wouldn't be shocked if campaigns for Empires Ascendant were revisited eventually, which would probably lead to the inclusion of the Thebans.

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  3. There was also a small issue with the Theban Fire Raiser, which I also fixed, so as near as I can tell, the mod is fully ported to Alpha 22. I am still interested in releasing 0 A.D. Empires Extended to the public, but it is a lot of work to manage a released mod, so I am still hesitant to do it.

  4. I just got around to updating Empires Extended for Alpha 22. It has gone well so far, other than some minor changes to the Sentry Tower template and some aura changes for the Theatron and Wonders. The only problem now is I am getting a WARNING: Unknown requirement operator: class.

    Okay, that warning ended up just being a small change to the phase techs.


  5. I got stuck on A Wonder of the World, the enemy ships with better range are really hard to deal with. I wanted to complete the Egypt campaign before moving on to other campaigns, so I ended up not doing any of the other campaigns. I was more of AoE2 player thanks to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, so I beat most of those campaigns at one point or another. Both of my XP computers haven't been working since February, so I haven't even been able to try in some time.

  6. I play singleplayer, because I consider multiplayer to be optional, which is why I rarely play multiplayer games and haven't taken to kindly to the shift in focus toward online multiplayer that has occurred in recent years.

    Perhaps an increase in training time is necessary in order to slow down the game a bit. But other than that, formations with bonuses to adequately portray ancient warfare, food trickle and other bonuses from the Corral, and proper naval combat are all that is needed at this point.

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  7. RotE/Terra Magna, along with most of the Council of Modders projects, and 0 A.D. Empires Extended are primarily just adding civilizations, not dramatically changing gameplay. Everything else is either balance mods or almost total conversion mods like Delenda Est. I have actually seriously considered trying to formally contribute to 0 A.D., even using 0 A.D. Empires Extended as a bit of a test bed to see if I could get food trickle for garrisoned Corrals working, but I have decided that suggesting ideas, providing feedback, and limited modding is all I can justify due to my job search going so poorly.

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  8. I haven't even got around to porting 0 A.D. Empires Extended, my add-on or expansion mod that ports some Delenda Est civilizations into a RotE/Terra Magna style mod, to Alpha 22 or contributed to 0 A.D. yet, because my job search has gone so poorly, so I can't justify getting into a free project or modding.

    The constant changes and wide variety of opinions definitely make doing anything for 0 A.D. difficult, but somehow the project keeps progressing and looking pretty good as Alphas progress.

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  9. Okay, lets try that again.

    ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/common-api/entity.js line 29
    TypeError: value is null


  10. 11 hours ago, mimo said:

    Would we more useful if you would copy-paste here some of these warnings (in fact the first warnings you got).

    This is the main warning I have encountered.

    ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js line 106 TypeError: this.gameState is undefined m.PetraBot.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js:106:2 m.BaseAI.prototype.HandleMessage@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:64:2

  11. 0 A.D. has never looked better. The problem is, at this point I don't play it very much, because I am really tired of the AI and random death balls of units as fast as possible. I also accidentally deleted my Empires Extended mod that ported the Epirotes and Thebans from Delenda Est when I installed Alpha 22, forgetting that it would delete everything when uninstalling the old version before installing the new version, but it wouldn't take more than a few hours to port over again.

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