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  1. A cannon so soon? If i'm not mistaken, cannons were only invented at the end of the medieval age, with the fall of Constantinople by the Otomans (who built the biggest cannon ever, thus far) marking the actual end of it.

    The Ottomans weren't the first to use cannons, they are just famous for using perhaps the largest bombard, a type of cannon, in history during the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.

  2. 2. Replanting isn't tedious micromanagement, it prevents tedious micromanagement, a reseed farm cue like in AoK would be a good idea.

    4. The flaming arrow for flare sounds like a good idea.

    8. Those things are already available to the Romans.

    10. Historical Campaigns are planned.

    11. I suspect it goes back to what edwardlongshanks said to 3.

    12. Rams are available to some factions.

    14. Stamina is planned, mentioned in another thread.

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