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  1. Not to act as a contrarian, but am I the only one that liked the stats bars (health, resources) better when they had no "bevel" effect? Besides that, I wanted to point out that particles don't work for me, so if you plan to make important things with those (especially fiery projectiles) make sure to have some fallback system.
  2. ERROR: JavasScript error: simulation/components/Identity.js line 147+ReferenceError: IID_Identity is not defined ()@simulation/components/Identity.js:147 Aftert that the game list every actor it failed to load. I think it may be a problem raised by release 9443... I hope I'm not the noly one facing it, cause it makes the game unplayable... To the developers: tell me if you need more info
  3. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll be very happy to follow the development closer!
  4. That's a problem, but only have the option to deposit resources wil cause both killed units and loss of the resources they carry. Maybe you could avoid raids by making dropped resources not retrievable (they just disappear forever). Or you could make unit do to the nearest deposit by default and add an option to instantly get ready to battle. EDIT: comp3820 was faster but I don't get what you say, are you suggesting of making the resources appear only after death?
  5. I completely agree that it would make the game less repetitive. Speaking of AI, what if every civilization had its own AI using actual tactics and strategies took from the real history of that society (first to come in my mind are the roman siege and naval battle techniques)?
  6. Not being able to fight until dropping resources seems reasonable to me, but oshron is right. What if they just dropped the resources in place and, as ribez said, take some time and get dressed to fight? It wouldn't be the top of realism but it solves the broblem in an elegant way, I think.
  7. Hello, I'm Alagos from Italy and I found your game some weeks ago while searching for free and open source games. I have Windows so I don't have access to the last builds, but I've been following the latest developments closely, and wanted to contribute somehow. I'll be happy to give some suggestions and hints as a player. I hope to find some time to learn something about the game engine as it seems quite moddable (of course I could translate the game to italian when needed). I understand there's still a fairly long road to go through before the release, but the team seems really skilled and open to improvements, so don't give up, you've already done some remarkable work here!
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