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  1. what about animations? will outflanking an enemy have a diffrent attack animation or just the standard attack but with more damage? let me elaborate, If a bunch of cavalary charge into the side of a Phalanx will the momentum of the cavalry break the formation and make the cavalry seem like there plowing through a grass field or will the unit just stand on the edge of the phalanx and hack and stab at the exposed unit's?
  2. *Is Multiplayer going to be available in the 1st build ? *About Blanceing Issues , will the Tester's be required to share there view's on Unit Balance's? *What are the Minimum Requirement's (what time commitment, previous testing background etc.etc.) to be applicable to become a tester for 0 A.D? *How many Tester's are you going to need for the 1st build ? (a approx number will do)
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