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  1. How many units will be buildable at the same times in a game?
  2. Pn Mateis (think he is called so...) avater you can see a 0ad-ship
  3. I want to see the amazing screenshot from the map added in revision 4002 ...
  4. yeahhh..an update .. hello to corin, thanks to Michael, Joshua and Paal
  5. Maybe in the alpha-version, that will come out in this summer...
  6. I really like this thread and the new "website-feeling" screenshots i would like to see? - a really big battle would be cool, or a town from a other civ like the celtic (if the models and textures are done)
  7. Well, as the topic says, do you have any plans for putting in light-features like HDR or Bloom into 0ad?
  8. i like the shadows, but the texture of the building could be improved. Doesnt like the differents between the wall and the "stairs" (doesnt know hw i should say this) the stones from the wall looks like pasted.
  9. I visit this site for a long time now and i must say, there is one thing, that i don't like. I have no problems with the fact, that you say, that you release any game-files, if the game is in a advanced state. But you could give us more information about, what you actually do and make more screenshots of the game and publish them.... I mean, you surely can find somebody, who is a community-worker and who has to write each week a little report, what had happened this week. For Fans it is very boring, if you visit the site every two day and in 90% there is nothin new.
  10. Can youmake a screenshot from the first ship? would be cool. Best wishes from me for you, you are working really hard to do this.
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