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  1. OK, I just checked in some changes. I rolled back some of the volume rolloff stuff, so you can always hear everything (on screen at least). Off screen will roll off quicker, but not as sharply. Fixed bugs are that sounds marked as distanceless will again always play loud, regardless of height. I also threw in some hints that I found to aid in stereo sound being played. On my Mac with Mountain Lion I can confirm its playing in stereo, but that doesn't mean thats happening on all platforms. I hope the new code is the right incantation to get stereo sound playing on the platforms where it isn't playing yet. If not let me know. Unless there we can get everyone to agree on the rolloff thing it may be better to let it rest. A good solution might be separate volume controls in the settings. So people who want to hear can what they want. For my coding I'm going to look at the real gameplay bugs, like hearing sounds you shouldn't be hearing and we can some back to this later. How does that sound?
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