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Reputation System

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Wildfire Games Community Forums Reputation System

How does it work?

The Reputation system basically allows you to give anonymous feedback on users' posts. If someone makes a helpful post, you can give them reputation points by clicking the +/- in the avatar space of the user. This will redirect you to a page where you can also submit some feedback on the post.

The feedback and reputation you receive will appear on a separated page when you click on the "Reputation" link in your avatar space.

When I give someone reputation, how many Reputation points will they receive?

You always give one point of reputation when incrementing or decrementing someone's reputation.

Are the points I give deducted from my own reputation?

No. No points will be deducted from your own reputation score when you give someone else reputation.

Can people see how much Reputation I have?

Yes, but people can see your reputation level. Currently, this is shown in the profile as well as on your avatar space under "reputation". Like your post count, your reputation rank is only a rough indicator of your contribution to the forums.

In your profile there is a link under the reputation category labeled "details>>>". When clicking on it you can see a list of all reputation actions that have been executed towards your account.

Can I decrease someone's reputation anonymously?

No, you can't from November 11th 2003 on. Only positive reputation changes can be done anonymously.


These are the current levels (they can be seen in the avatar space of user, depending on his reputation) - they are most likely due to be changed in the future, though:

less or equal -10 - Outcast

-10 - Infamous

-05 - Mildly Deviant

000 - Neutral

005 - Notable

010 - Respectable

020 - Commendable

030 - Splendid

040 - Admirable

050 - Distinguished

060 - Illustrious

070 - Spectacular

080 - Glorious

090 - Renowned

100 - Beyond Repute

Can I give as many people reputation as I like?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. You can currently only give reputation to 20 people per day, and you can give reputation to the same member only once a day.

Please send me a private message if you have any questions about that.

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We have changed the Reputation System around a tad bit. The ranks got overworked (check first post) to be shorter and therefore more noticable. Also the Reputation Rank now has the number in brackets and gets the rank color.

Comments ?

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