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Elephant stable shape

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The elephant stables look great. Nevertheless, I'm not entirely happy with the generic design. Compared to centres, barracks are smaller, fortresses higher, and fields are flat; however, elephant stables basically have the same footprint as centres:


Now I'm wondering whether it wouldn't be better to dffferentiate them with a different shape. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with squares, but not every structure has to be a square, other rectangles can be used just as well (cf docks, temples, wonders).

I'd like to have three different versions of the elephant stables to play-test with in a mod, to figure out which shape is best:

  • A: current model: main structure with courtyard (blue + red)
  • B: short model: no courtyard, only main structure (blue)
  • C: wide model: no courtyard, main structure with five elephant stalls instead of three (blue + green)


Because my blender-skills are non-existent, I'm hoping someone (@LordGood, @stanislas69, anyone else?) could create the proposed actors for me.

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