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mod concept: FPS hero mode

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In Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War there is a First Person Hero mode.

The computergame Savage had another concept with combining RTS and FPS/RPG.

Is it possible to implement a mod that gives this?

Minimum is:

- Camera perspective: being able to have a first person/third person perspective similar to FPS games

- Being able to walk, move using usual buttons similar to FPS games.

- Being able to do attacks on enemies using weapons similar to FPS games.

Is the game engine capable of supporting this kind of mod?

Would supporting it be requiring no, a little, or complete redevelopment of the game engine?

Camera perspective looks like a sufficient general way would be convenient for scripted scenario's in campaing stories.

Being able to easily record scripted scenario's for campaign stories would benefit from walking instructions.

The third, don't know right now, maybe record scripted scenario's for campaign stories?

Graphics don't really matter. Mostly being able to do the game mechanics the way just explained.

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If you go into developer mode (enable it via menu->settings), you can disable camera restrictions.

It takes a lot of aiming, but it's possible with the zoom wheel and CTR+W/CTRL+S to get a FPS-like viewing perspective. For the controls, it's just a matter of re-mapping the keys.

The biggest problem are the graphics. Currenlty, the models aren't detailed enough to always play on this zoom. And the animations aren't realistic enough either.

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Thanks! Didn't know the tools where this developped already (since 0 A.D. is still in alpha).

Don't mind that the models are not very detailed and the animations not realistic enough.

Don't really care about graphics. Use to play games with much less detailed graphics than this.

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