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Maps and Biome Guide

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i want bridges for new gameplay. (destructible entity).


You now about "Colonial powers" Map in Rise of Nations?

or Yucatan in AOE III. (i know this not 0.AD theme map)

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The biomes are great. I have no idea if this is a original idea or (partly) from another game but that does not matter. I hope to see more biomes, it does such a excellent job to the atmosphere. It is truelly great, I'm very positive about this.

I myself do not care about the fantasy ones like gear, so perhaps a filter that says:

-Authentic maps

It would also be nice to have better or more detailed descriptions. I would like to know what factions would be there. I prefer playing as immersive as possible so with factions that might or would be there (though I could play scenarios for that). This task could be done by fans of the game who like to help out.

One biome I would like to see is a green Middle Eastern map. Just like many people when I was young I was under the impression that the whole Middle East was desert and mountains. But when I was about 14 (that's 7 years ago) I came across some beautiful pictures of Iran which was very green (can't find it anymore I did look). That would be nice.

The biomes are fantastic work. The scenarios are also great, very immersive. The only critism I have but I'm sure has been heard is some animals are placed on the wrong biomes. Some might be placeholders which is fine. But being such a nature freak when I see a wildebeest in Turkey it makes me a bit like Michael Scott seeing Toby return:

Only with the wildebeest though as it is quite an error and of course I'm exaggerating.

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not all Rms are descripted here? i dont see the canyon map and forest map.

Some have taken it upon themselves to design their own random map scripts. The ones listed in this thread are the "official" ones.

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We can including misc lands, for example AOE III Yucantan. Becuse in this map is my country. Or AOK HdII


We can re named: Mesoamerica (tropical type Caribbean ).

Mesoamerica is a region and cultural area in the Americas, extending approximately from central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica, within which a number of pre-Columbian societies flourished before the Spanish colonization of the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries.[1][2] It is one of six areas in the world where ancient civilization arose independently, and the second in the Americas after Norte Chico (Caral-Supe) in present-day northern coastal Peru.

Have good a beautiful fauna.


Deep forest


And expledid beaches.





########### Yucantan map###########%%

To the east and west of the map is two ocean coasts, with each player starting alternatively on the right or left. Control of your own ocean is easy to establish, but control of your enemy's ocean would put you in a favorable position, enabling you to attack at the heart of your opponent's colony.

All resources are plentiful on this map, but an addition of naval combat may deplete your mines quickly. Use the ocean to fish and go whaling.

Herdables: (none)

Herds: Deer (400 ), Tapir (500 ).


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