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Spreading The Word On 0 A.d.: Please Contribute Videos

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As you know, 0 A.D. has been a collaborative effort, and all the code, art and sound has been offered by volunteers from all over the world. In the spirit of open-source development, we at Wildfire Games would like to ask our fans' help in the marketing and PR of the game, by kindly providing us clips of your in-game video recordings.

We would like to create a stock of in-game video clips, because over time, we plan to create:

  • Videos that document the development as new releases come out, perhaps explaining how certain parts of the game mechanics work (definitely short-term goal).
  • an ad targeted to OS developers to join the project (short-term goal).

And as longer-term goals:

  • An introductory cinematic for 0 A.D.,
  • A general promotional trailer about the basic features of the game.

For that purpose, we have the following guidelines set in place to keep this process organized:

  • Please provide these recordings as links to downloadable or streaming video files, along with a description, in this thread: Post Your Uploaded Videos Here.
  • Please take all gameplay videos from the player's regular POV. No extreme close-ups, please.
  • We will gladly provide credit to those people whose videos we end up using in our marketing effort. Just let us know who to credit.
  • The better the video quality, the more likely we are to use it!

We are especially looking for the following types of videos:

  • 0 A.D. gameplay: Both the economic side (gathering resources, building up a city) and the military side (from skirmishes to large battles).
  • 0 A.D. scenery: A variety of biomes, including each one's characteristic fauna. Special attention to fancy water reflections. Also, some shots of city-scapes featuring the best-looking building sets.
  • Videos showcasing the development process of 0 A.D.: The Atlas map editor, editing actors, entities and XML files, and the 0 A.D. codebase within the development environments you use. Wireframes of 0 A.D. models, demonstrations of the animation process. In-game visualizations, such as the pathfinding overlay.
  • 0 A.D. is cross-platform: Shots of 0 A.D. being launched from Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Thanks in advance!

Edit (May 9, 2011): Streaming videos, such as on YouTube, are fine. Thanks!

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Do you accept videos with ugly Fraps watermark? That would be all I could do in that area.^^

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Aviv, I think you had a link to a list somewhere with tools for indie game developers to promote their game or something, I believe it had some free (in both meanings of that word) alternatives to Fraps etc. It could be a good idea if you posted that link in this thread. Or, why don't I, should be quick, ah, here it is: Tutorial: Recording and Editing Game Trailers or, taking a look at that page, here's the actual list: http://www.pixelprospector.com/2010/08/how-to-record-and-edit-gameplay-videos/

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I can recommend CamStudio which is the first screenrecorder on that list and free/opensource. Fraps is also very good but it's a bit of money.

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