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  1. Yes but how do you place high grass?
  2. Is it possible to create a day and night cycle? Then you could plan your strategy accordingly and attack in the night (for example).
  3. Is there a way to paint high grass in the scenario editor?
  4. The map isn't finished yet but here are some more screenshots. The next ones are the allies that held the second secret path. I didn't use height maps because it strangely didn't work, so I had to look at normal maps and do it just like that. So it's not quite realistic as it should be but it's more realistic as the first map I've posted . Hope you like it .
  5. What hasn't been done jet?

  6. And where do you get good height maps?
  7. It's actually based on the film. But perhaps I could change it so it's after the historical facts. By the way, how would it be if you implemented Campaigns in the next version of the game? It shows Campaigns in Single Player - Campaigns but there are no Campaigns. So why don't yo implement some in the next Version?
  8. Because Campaigns aren't implemented yet, I came up with an Idea to create my own military Campaign. So I sat down with the Scenario editor and built a map which should present the Thermopylae were the famous Battle of the 300 took place. I even thought about a secret path leading through the mountains were you can attack the enemy from behind. Here are some screenshots:
  9. Could you make the AI form strategic battle formations in Alpha 24? They just attack in wild hords. The Gauls or Britons can do this because they were wild tribes but if you play e.g. against the romans that doesn't look realistical if they attack without any strategy or battle formation
  10. Like fullstop or blank spaces? If yes how can you delete the map out of the map file?
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