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  1. I'd say it is... dormant, at least for me. I have a lot of work at the university so I don't really have time. But if you're interested in contributing to the project, feel free to do so. The more people are committed to a project the more likely it is to make progress
  2. That's pretty much how it works but some variables aren't the same
  3. It's true, but it has always been like this The system of rating is based on a varient of the Elo rating system made by @scythetwirler (I think I'm right, I hope ) so you should ask him From knowing a bit the system of calculation, I'd say it'd be really hard to change that, it would be hard to predict the unforeseen effects of even a slight change in the standard system. But since it's a variant of it, I can not pronounce myself on that topic. I hope that helped you a bit I just hope I pinged the right developer
  4. @LordGood : the gladius was never used to swing in a normal combat situation (meaning here, having still a scutum). It was used to stab, not to swing. Here a video showing how they fought with a gladius (showing gladius's position around the scutum). Here on your picture, the Roman soldier from left is swinging (may be possible even if unlikely) and is totally exposed because (I guess) he tried (not sure, you're the only one to know) to hit the Kushite with his scutum by waving it to the left. In reality, attacking with a scutum was rare and made by raising it, tilting it 45° up and hitting the opponent to the knees (aiming to break both of them, victims of such an attack would never walk again). Also, this armour looks weird to me. Doesn't look like the actual ones I saw. But I'm not a specialist anyway. Although I still really think this picture looks really gorgeous . Great work ! I just wanted to make you know this for historical accuracy.
  5. I've contributed to the Italian and French translations. EDIT : Oops, I've just seen I was already in the credits. I thought I had registered on transifex under my nickname . But, could my name in the credits be changed to "Tiber7 - Danilo B. Guttadauria" if that's not too much trouble .
  6. I tested 5 on 5 standard_a units. Pathfinder may have influenced the one against hypaspists.
  7. I tested Roman Champion cavalry against all champion troops of the Hellenic factions in the scenario editor. The result is : they beat almost every champions excpet elephants. They even beat fully upgraded hypaspists (silver shields, spearmen champs). That's complete nonsense.
  8. I have to ask @Skhorn to send it to me or directly here because he's the only one to have it. By the way it is not finished since it still need a lot of things to be implemented to it (description although not so important, triggers, cinema path,...). And, as you can see on the screenshot, there is only the Greek city of Messana and no other player on it yet. @shieldwolf23 has already done a lot on the "Invasion of Africa" map. And I unfortunately lost my almost finished map of Syracuse with the burning of my GPU and hard disk... Thank you
  9. Yes, that's an idea of @Skhorn. He had already done that on some of his other maps
  10. We (@Skhorn ) have finished the first map : 264 B.C.: Battle of Messana (Romans vs Syracusans then Romans vs Carthaginians)
  11. The "capital" of the federated tribes under the command of Vercingetorix was Alesia, wasn't it? Even though historians have no clue (except in the "Commentarii de Bello Gallico") of what it looked like since they don't even know where it was. There are two hypothesises offor the place: one in Switzerland in a valley that fits precisely the measurements of G.J.Caesar. I don't remember the second. That's all I know.
  12. @Sundiata , I really like what you're doing here but you should really use spoilers because the pages become quite long and it takes time because everything has to load I'm looking forward to seeing what you what you post next time Btw sorry for that little off topic
  13. I propose this replay of a 1v1 (Tiber7 vs Cesar) for 2 reasons : It may interest new players (even if we both didn't play at our true level and both made quite big mistakes) ... Again, another really critical pathfinder issue... decided the game which was evenly matched before it happened. The game was interesting and tough. Btw that pathfinder issue, I think, stole the victory to the player who suffered from it. I don't tell you anything more to avoid spoiling you the game. commands.txt
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