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  1. Fixed it. The identifier was the same.
  2. I'm having a new problem. I added a new unit into my mod and now a unit that I made no changes to is getting this error "is boned with unboned animation"
  3. @Lion.Kanzen So I take that as none of those things are currently possible?
  4. @stanislas69 Thanks for trying. How about guns? Are muzzle flashes and bullet projectiles possible? On a different topic, are special powers like calling in a bombing run, nukes, or army wide healing possible? I also want to have a mechanic where certain units would enslave enemies instead of killing them. So when a unit is enslaved it would be replaced with a slave unit and switch sides. Also could someone point me towards a tutorial on particle effects. I've never worked with them before but I want to learn.
  5. @Alexandermb That didn't do the trick either. I'm out of ideas.
  6. @stanislas69 Sorry It took a couple days to get back to you, here are my files. Mario.zip
  7. @stanislas69 What do you need exactly? Sorry, I'm an artist I'm not very development savvy. Another question, is it possible to give units abilities such as in Company of heroes?
  8. @stanislas69 That didn't work either, but thanks for fixing the bump.
  9. @stanislas69 I'm trying to make a projectile that spins in the air like a hatchet or a boomerang as oppose to just flying straight like an arrow. You can see what I mean in this video. Hammer_Projectile.xml
  10. @stanislas69 Oh okay, well that's awesome I will want explosions as well. Unfortunately Idle isn't working either.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by that. I want my projectile to spin. It is rigged and animated but I'm not sure what to name it in the actor file, I tried attack ranged and naming it projectile but that didn't work.
  12. I got my prop fixed. i'm still not sure what the actual method is but I just made an adjustment in blender, checked the actor viewer, made another adjustment and so on and so forth until it looked right. Is it possible to change the topic name to "modding questions" or something? I have a lot more questions and I figured it would be better to just use one topic rather than creating more. Can you animate projectiles? I've searched all over the forum but couldn't find anything on this and haven't been able to figure it out on my own.
  13. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm starting to get the hang of it. How do you align a prop with the hand on your mesh? I have my prop point parented to the hand bone but in the game the prop is floating in the arm.
  14. I've been trying to teach myself how to mod 0.A.D. but i'm having trouble getting my actors working. When I try to load my Actor in the Actor viewer I get these errors any help? Here is my skeleton XML file
  15. Hey all. I'm a beginner 3d artist and programmer, currently going to school for game design. As practice with coding, making 3d art and just for fun I'm trying to make a mod for 0.A.D. I have a few questions: 1. Are the suggested poly counts and texture sizes listed in the Art Design Document up to date? For my mod I'll need to create some complex character meshes and the suggested poly count might be too low for my needs. 2. Does 0.A.D. use Spec/Gloss or Rough/Metal for textures? Can I use Substance Painter to create my textures? If not what is the recommended programs to use? 3. Is it possible to implement dynamic environmental changes such as day/night cycle, and changes to the map directly related to player actions such as a factory filling the air with smog? 4. one of my factions will be split between slave units (builders, gatherers) and combat units. Is it possible to implement a slave system where Faction 1 can enslave units from Faction 2 and Faction 2 can free the slaves who will then join Faction 2?
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