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  1. I think that feature that I suggested of units having their own stats should be optional feature
  2. Units gaining hero stats would be interesting. Also we can divide the names based on gender as well just in case somebody wants to make a female unit that fights
  3. Your saying each same type of unit would have different stats. I think there could be a setting that enables a feature that makes one of them have higher stats than the other. There could also be a loyalty system where if his loyalty stats is low he would betray you and convert to gaia.
  4. I would love to see a feature that gives each individual unit their own names like the total war series. Like it picks a random name for the unit .Like a roman soldier being named Augustus.
  5. I would love to see Civil Unrest in the game. Like when a roman takes over a gaul Civic Center, they would try to rebel against the conquer or separatists try to take over a city and you have to send in your troops to stop them. I think that would be interesting
  6. Can you post a picture of the armature bone used for the units @Stan`
  7. How do I prevent that from happening. im using 2.81 which is the current version of blender.
  8. As for the bones themselves, can they sort of be separated but still connected like a black line connecting the two bones.
  9. Ok I did it, I manage to make a mesh moves it's arms
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