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  1. I want better modding tools so that it can be easier to mod the game as well as importing models made in blender easier to add.
  2. Good, so how can I add my model that already has armatures to the game
  3. Do you use the current version of blender?
  4. I can't work on my mod with outdated tutorials that are hard to understand all because they don't use the latest version of blender. I don't want to give up on it already where it doesn't become fun and instead becomes a nightmare to get a model in. I would at least appreciate for someone to make video tutorials that use the current version of blender.
  5. How big are they and how do I install them?
  6. What fps boosters, will they help? I find one like Razer Cortex: Boost or wise game booster
  7. What are those, i have a windows computer.
  8. How can I check if I have sse2 on my amd radeon r5 or amd a8 7410 processor?
  9. Have the system requirements increased in alpha 24?
  10. So if the fps is 10 on alpha 23, will it be higher like 15 or 20 fps in alpha 24?
  11. How much poly count do the models have?
  12. Does the lag have something to do with the game being in it's alpha state?
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