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  1. Ilion====> the widely known troy, in ancient greek(you know trojan war, trojan horse etc.) Ippos===>horse in greek
  2. they may want to make kids love strategy games... so that they will not vanish... it is a great problem of the gaming industry to make strategy games survive. that can't be done cause many have turned to consoles(after they got an online feature) cause they are cheap. just look the sales of call of duty on consoles and then see the number of it on computers...
  3. it can be... well, geronimo!
  4. Everybody right your ip here so that anybody can play with anyone!
  5. Hello guys! First post here! I maybe writing in a wrong post but all the buildings should have an English name in parenthesis(you know these () things) so that we (newbies) are not mistaking what each building does. For example you should put barracks when selecting a building as well as we see them in the build menu. Moreover when will you make the city gate work? We need it! Last, please make the artificial intelligence better!
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