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    I think what Ludo meant is that the crotch is a little disjointed, If you had the musculature of his torso rotate or twist so that his abs end at the split of his legs instead of on his left thigh, it would help a great deal both in dynamism and anatomical structure Looks like a very solid piece though!
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    Here's an article about Lydia from Livius: http://www.livius.org/lu-lz/lydia/lydia.html Hopefully the mod team consider my proposal. Thank you.
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    don't forget Hebrew slingers in the bible book of Judges chapter 20 verse 16 it talks about 700 select Benjamite left handed slingers that could sling a stone at a hairs breadth and not miss. in the bible book of 1 Chronicles chapter 12 it talks about The army of king David he had Benjamites that could sling stones and shoot arrows with either hand, and also a group of Gadites that were mighty men as swift as gazelles armed with a spear and a shield. an example of being as swift as a gazelle can be found in 2nd Samuel 2 were Asahel who was a swift as a gazelle was pursuing Abner, and when Abner struck him with the blunt of the spear it came out of Asahel's back. King Solomon seems to be the first of the Hebrews to use chariots and horsemen buying them from Egypt. according to 2 Chronicles chapter 2 verse 17 that he exported Egyptian chariots and horses to the Hittites and the Sryians. and if you plan on having a scenario for this civ may i suggest you use the conquest of AI and not the fall of Jericho because i think that the fall of Jericho would be too controversial because it involves a miracle. the battle of AI is tactical genius at first a few of the Hebrews attacked the city but they soundly beaten (they did not plan to get defeated) then when the whole Hebrew army attacked they hid some of there men away from the battle to take the city after they have lured the enemy soldiers away from the city, and they conquered the city i hope all this is helpful in creating a Hebrew civ they are not seen in many RTS games
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