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Proposal for uses of portraits

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 05:05 AM

This is a reply to this thread
I made a new thread here in order not to derail the topic and its original purpose

So I've been thinking about this for quite a while, with the coming of the new portraits made by lana and raulfabi, I am here to propose a compromise: Don't scrap the old, place-holder portraits (sprites), we can still use them along with the new portraits.
Below are my arguments:
- A hand-drawn portrait is best used when there are space to show it, this is not true for the tiny button used to train units. The hand-drawn portrait IMHO should be used on the window only (I can't find a decent word for this)
- The sprite portraits is best used on the units training button, because when a player look at a unit standing on the ground, he will instantly know where he can train that type of unit (or what building is used to train that unit)
- Scraping the old portraits, it's a waste of manpower. Even though they're supposed to be place-holders, IMHO they shouldn't be thrown away and I think they're good enough to deserve their own place in the final game.
- Using the hand-drawn portraits for the window and sprite portraits for trainng buttons will add some uniqueness to the game, because a unit now have two portraits, the former for aesthetic purpose and the later for gameplay purpose.

Comments are greatly welcomed. :)
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#2 FeXoR


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 05:20 PM

(I don't have permissions to see the old thread you linked to)

I like unit build buttons being easy to recognize and to notice the connection between the button icon and the actually trained unit in-game.
I don't know how high quality the portraits are but maybe they could be added an encyclopedia (like is planed AFAIK)?
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Florian Finke [aka FeXoR]


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 05:38 PM

The old thread is an application thread, and has been archived, but as is said in the first post this is a new discussion, so there's no need to read that thread :)
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Erik Johansson [ aka feneur ]

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