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Last week there was a post in our forums asking if it was possible to release more information about what is going on with the development of the game. After some thought, we decided a good way to give the public some inside information about what is going on. What you now see in the left had column of the webpage is a modified version of our revision log.

What is a revision log you ask? Well, what it is - is a detailed report of all the changes being made to the game. What you see in the log is the notes made by the person who made the change/modification/addition. So, basically this log gives you up to date information of exactly what work is being done on the game. Every entry in the game gives the revision number (there have been 3700+ revisions so far), who made the revision, the date, and the description.

The reason I say it is 'modified' is because it is a summarized version of the full log. You won't see some of the boring things like automated rebuilding or information we can't show you for game security purposes. But, you now have instantanous information about what is going on in the development proccess.

This will probably mean less detailed monthly summaries, and instead we will try to just hit the highlights and feature the member of the month award.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of the webpage. Let us know if you like it!

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That's not literal 'housekeeping' as in dusting the floor and vacuuming the walls or whatever people do around their homes - it's just tidying up the game's code for cleanliness and consistency :shrug:. (The full log has more technical details as to exactly what was changed, but the publicly-visible version just has that summarised description.)

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