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What are your plans?

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I want to finish high school this year, go back for an extra semester next year (universities like it when you have more u-level courses), work and save up my money until that summer, go on a 2 month trip to europe, then go to university. This is my master plan- whats yours?

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The long term plan here is to graduate from college in two years, establish my small web publishing/consulting/design business and work for a few years for a company until I feel assured enough to become fully self-employed. And of course get kids :P

Short term plan ... quickly finish projects for school and clients so I can finish my own websites.

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Well, medium term is to go to college, which, fortunately, I should be deciding within the next three weeks or so exactly where I will be going to college. Short term is to finish a few creative writing and composing projects I've been doing by the end of the year. This summer I hope to get a job too. And if I could keep my grades up this semester, hey, that never hurts either. High school graduation is only a few months away!

And for long term, well, I have no idea. In a sense I suppose it's best I don't make too many plans for what I want to do with my future so soon, because I'd feel limited by them. But I do know that I want to eventually have a family and work in (probably) business or engineering technologies. We'll see how it all works out that :P

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