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Do you guys currently have a team of designers for a campaign? I mean, what great game isn't complete without one? With experience in the editors of AoM and AoK, I am sure I could adapt to yours quite quickly. I would be willing, if the spot is open, to help design the campaign, (ie: triggers and cinematics, I'm not the best at eyecandy :)) I sure hope you consider me because I think I could really help!

Sorry if you already have someone.

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Being in charge of that whole department, I would be the one going around and selecting candidates for scenario designers as well as planning and and doing the campaigns. Currently I've got some plans on how a small team of designers would work together to get that all rolling, however, design work on the campaigns will not take place until the game is nearly finished and we have a finished stable editor to work with. Otherwise we would just be wasting our time.

Campaign work should take place towards the very end of the development cycle when we're undergoing beta testing and thats a very long way off. Our current editor is very primative and serves only for the purpose of giving our engine something to load and play on.

There is a huge amount of designer tallent out there and indeed within our own team. Its not likely we'll be recruiting very many scenario designers, probably only 2 to 3 when the time comes. Additionally we would favor much more people with story-telling and game-designing skills more than people good with eyecandy (we have as much art as we want at our disposal so eyecandy won't be too big a deal). Eitherway our editor is a different package from other games out there so any previous knowledge you have will not put you at much of an advantage. A fine eye for art and storytelling is what would be the most important asset.

Eitherway, campaign work is a very long way off :) I don't want to get peoples hopes high for no reason, although Papaya if you're interested in the campaign its likely you could help out as being a tester to test the campaign. When we're in Beta we plan on getting lots and lots of people to test and give input on various portions of the game.

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