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  1. Great minds think alike I always say. You mean like Reyks extra triggers for AoM, with many more QV options? Nice name Yes, just my idea. This could open up many new possibility’s. For example, if the player’s strength is incredibly strong in the first scenario; maybe the strength should carry over, but maybe the enemies should get stronger as well. That sounds awesome. That sounds complicated, but useful.One other idea I have had, is how about a trigger like Choice Dialog, but with more options. Instead of having two, how about four or five options. With only two options available, freedom is very restricted. But knowing you, you have probably already thought of this. Thanks, nice talking to you again.
  2. Ever since I got AoM, there has always been one feature that I wanted included; the ability to store data outside of a scenario. A trigger that can save a string of data to the users computer, that can be used in a later scenario. When making campaigns, each map is almost like its own game; you start with full health, regular attack, etc. What if it was possible to have data carry over from one scenario to another, to make campaigns more realistic. Sounds kinda like Quest Vars, right? Well how about Quest Vars, stored outside of a scenario. Another one of my wishes is the ability to store text in game; not only numbers. With other games, AoM, AoE3, etc, you only have the ability to store strings of numbers using Quest Var triggers. What if you included similar triggers, but they could store text as well. An example of what I mean is when a user plays a scenario, they can pick their own name. They type in their name, and it is stored and used throughout the whole scenario. This would be a very neat effect. Finally, my last complaint is about Quest Vars by themselves. The extra zeros included (ex: 4.000000). If you include some sort of Variable triggers, will you include the 6 zeros? I can't think of any logical use for them. Discuss.
  3. Do you guys currently have a team of designers for a campaign? I mean, what great game isn't complete without one? With experience in the editors of AoM and AoK, I am sure I could adapt to yours quite quickly. I would be willing, if the spot is open, to help design the campaign, (ie: triggers and cinematics, I'm not the best at eyecandy ) I sure hope you consider me because I think I could really help! Sorry if you already have someone.
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