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i had AoK for a short while, and i saw the the commands to create a random map script were quite easy compaired to the ones on AoM. I was wondering, is it hard to create such way to random map script?

Also, i just got an idea.......might sound crazy and impossible, but is it possible to create random map scripts in-game? Having a sort of "notepad" inside the game, where scripters could write down the commands, and there would be a preview option to see how the map is showing up. And of course, if there is a command written wrong, then there would be no way for the preview map script o show correctly, or to show at all, and this issue goes to the following question; is it possible to debugg a random map script in this game? can the game find any incorrect commands so you dont have to kill yourself checking line by line to see if the codes are correct?

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