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Team game with Isam_96 - funny moments


Best scene in the video  

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  1. 1. What are your favorite time periods in the video? You can choose more than one.

    • 00:03 to 00:34 m:s Cav rush luck then failure
    • 00:35 to 00:50 m:s Fortress placed during retreat
    • 00:51 to 01:23 m:s Norse_Harold doesn't notice champ cav surrounded
    • 01:24 to 02:15 m:s Supersayayin goes Super Saiyan on himself
    • 02:17 to 02:52 m:s Isam_96 spam clicks lock gate
    • 02:53 to 03:02 m:s Camel archers become lunchmeat slices

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On Sunday we played a team game with all intermediate level players besides Isam_96. Highlights were early game cav rushing with some success and some failure, mid game cs armies getting wiped out, and then late game cav raiding by Isam_96 and Norse_Harold. Despite one rage quit on Isam_96's team, things seemed balanced after that.

Wherever Isam_96 sent his mass of 80 to 120 cavalry, death followed in his wake. The challenge for Norse_Harold's team was to create dilemmas exploiting the fact that Isam_96 couldn't be in multiple places at once without requiring excessive micro. Or, they could try to wipe out Isam_96's cavalry, but that didn't seem likely. Watch the replay to find out what happened.

I created a video with just the funny moments from the team game.

Team game funny moments - Watch on my PeerTube channel (boytcott Youtube)

Team game funny moments - Download via Dropbox

The video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 United States.


Download the replay

Or watch via the attachment:

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