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Any ones know how to remove entities from a map?? and other questions...

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Hi guys, I am looking for ways to make some units become Mediterranean Pirates, adventures and mercenaries so they can be their own individual faction.  I find many of the units from the different factions to look amazing and perfect to mix them with others from other factions and build some kind of pirate federation or a Mercenary faction with a mix of the coolest looking units from all the factions in the game... For example, I want Ilyrians pirates and North Africans to be independent factions that can be play by the Al or a player against the Carthaginians and The Romans, I mix them well as long as the editor is in Al mod...But don't know if I can make them an independant faction That I can play or the all can play...do any of you know about any mod about pirates and mercs?? Because I would like a few factions with that description for The Empires at war map project I'm doing as personal hobby.  So please let me know... I also would like to know about any Germanic mod, if there is any...So Danish as well, If anyone knows, please share??? I have already seen the Lusitanias one of your guys made... And Love them! About The Romans, if there is any way to make the Champion Swordsman evolve in to the Bad ass looking one with armor from the 3 AC century??? I love the design in that unit. Whoever made it, kick ass. Any Numidians??? Anyone knows about any mod with Numidians??? Does anyone know how a faction  persuade enemy units to desert and become merc units for whatever faction have the money to expend on them for certain period of time before they get kill or hire by other players during a match??  Please let me know.. Thank you 0 AD Team. I love what you guys have done. Keep it up and keep them coming. Thanks.

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