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A.p. U.s. History Help!

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Well someone else here happens to be in a AP US class! :lol:

The main point I'd use is the system that the Puritans used to decide who was in the "elect". The elect were the people they thought would be saved, and whether or not you were elect was judged by a council that you had to make a presentation to.

Since the Puritans viewed wealth as one of God's only visible signs of blessing to you, it was a MAJOR factor in being one of the elect. Consequently, those who didn't have a lot of wealth (or proof of God's blessing) were rejected. There came about problems because, well, what would you do if you went to a council of men and tried to convince them of your blessings and saved-ness and they said you were going to hell? Most people would've just about quit the religion! In fact more than a few did, and the "Great Awakening" (not sure of the dates) was around that time as well.

Do you know the "halfway covenant"? IMO that was an action taken by Puritan leaders to stop the trend that they foresaw.

Hope that helps :P.

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