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Hey there, 

We have got some reports (From this thread  and one of the Spring engine developers) that AMD APUS (maybe some GPUS too) do not seem to support OpenGL 2.1 in compatiblity mode anymore on Windows. We stick to that version because macOS does not seem to support anything else.  To be fair, they do not support OpenGL at all.

It might have happened in a recent driver update.

Sadly nobody in the team has access to such hardware and we would like to assess whether we can do something about it.

The game has those five config options

; Allows to force GL version for SDL
forceglversion = false
forceglprofile = "compatibility" ; Possible values: compatibility, core, es
forceglmajorversion = 3
forceglminorversion = 3

Would be great if someone could test in their user.cfg (See wiki:GameDataPaths for where to find it) with


and try to play with the other settings like

preferglsl = false


Of course anyone that can compile the code and debug it is gladly welcome to do so.


If you think your game is using the wrong GPU have a look here  wiki:SwitchingToYourPCsDedicatedGPU

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