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Network Internet Security: the Whitelist & 0AD

Jake L

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I went searching but didn't find direct info on all of the different sites and ports relevant for a 0AD whitelist. So I thought I'd start a thread with what I have whitelisted on my network so far. This list includes the game, mods, forum, and IRC.

Address : Port

  • mod.io:443
  • modcdn.io:443
  • play0ad.com:443
  • wildfiregames.com:5222
  • wildfiregames.com:443
  • trac.wildfiregames.com:443
  • quakenet.org:443


    I haven't done multiplayer or created an account so this list doesn't encompass it...yet. I'll try to edit this post as I add more entries. I have also seen a couple of blocked requests for wildfiregames.com:80, but I don't want my ISP farming out "game interest" data on me through unencrypted traffic monitoring. You may want to add that to a list as well.

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