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Building placement features

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Building placement features had been discussed since a long time. Those kind of features are highly dependent of the kind of game, of the obstruction design and so on.

Among the specificity of 0AD and derived games, the buildings are rotated rectangles (and don't align on a grid).

* Some discussions which occured in the past:


(enforcing distance between building for realistic placement)


(magnetic grid)


(dev input)


(Entity alignment to terrain grid)


(building snapping feature)

(feedback about snapping feature)

* Some other games concept:




(placement helpers for batching)

* I also remember a person in the lobby having a custom gui mod for building placement (with a nick starting with L) edit: it's  @Lefo


Now my questions are:

What do people want?

What players want?

What developpers want?

Does someone has a proper consistent clear design in mind?


Thanks for your inputs!

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