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Currently it seems that territory is lacking in giving anything very meaningful to 0 A.D.  Granted, I like the concept of territory and have no wish for it to be removed.  It provides a sense of logistics to the game and makes players feel rewarded when they construct a fortress on their frontier.  That said, for such a graphically obvious thing, it's strange that its function seems to only relate to buildings.  I would personally suggest that the territorial borders play a larger role in the game to justify their presence.  

Being inside of home or allied territory could confer a benefit to units such as increased armour and movement speed.

Being in neutral and enemy territory could provide movement penalties, and particular civilisations known for scorched earth tactics could possibly even make hostile units slowly lose health when standing in their territory.  I particularly like this concept since it would make healers, extremely underused units, have more relevance to extended attacks.  

Mercenaries and potential unit types could actually have bonuses outside home territory.  

These are just a few ideas I came up with on the matter; I'd be interested to know what other thoughts people have.  

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