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[Part III] Faction: The New Empire Assyrians (745-612 B.C.)


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Post info, sources, suggestions, etc. here.  Be sure to credit your source if you post images or written info.  Below is a basic design document.



FACTION: New Empire Assyrians
TIMESPAN: 745-612 B.C.
CIV EMBLEM: Star of Shamash
[thanks to niektb for the emblem!]

Note: With these placeholders, citizen soldiers should retain the same appearance regardless of promotion.
The exact corresponding scenario editor actor files are listed beside the unit names below, followed by the structure(s) from which they can be trained.
Syrian Horseman – pers_cavalry_spearman_e (Civ Centre, Stables)
Chaldaean Archer – pers_infantry_archer_e (Civ Centre, Barracks)
Hittite Spearman – cart_infantry_spearman_e (Civ Centre, Barracks)
Hebrew Slinger – iber_infantry_slinger_e (Barracks)
Elamite Skirmisher – pers_infantry_javelinist_b (Barracks) - cannot progress beyond basic rank
Assyrian Officer – pers_champion_infantry (Fortress) – gives LOS citizen infantry + 2 attack – build limit 5 – auras do not overlap
Infantry Guardsman – pers_kardakes_hoplite (Royal Apartments)
Infantry Guard Officer – pers_arstibara (Royal Palace) - gives LOS guardsmen + 1 attack – build limit 1
Royal Bodyguard Cavalryman – pers_champion_cavalry (Royal Apartments)
Scythian Horse Archer - pers_champion_cavalry_archer (Stables) – town phase
Assyrian Chariot – pers_cavalry_archer_e (Stables) – city phase
Siege Ram – pers_mechanical_siege_ram (Siege Workshop)
Siege Tower – mace_mechanical_siege_tower (Siege Workshop)
Tiglath-pileser III hero – assyrian_hero_sargon_ii (Royal Palace)
Sennacherib hero – assyrian_hero_sargon_ii (Royal Palace)
Ashurbanipal hero – assyrian_hero_tiglath_pilaser_iii (Royal Palace)
Conscript Laborer – athen_support_slave (Warehouse - only building this unit can be trained from) – can harvest domestic animals, wood, food (berries and farming), metal, and stone; cannot hunt; cannot build; cannot fight; fairly easy for enemy to capture; 1 Conscript Laborer should be included in the starting units group
Assyrian Woman – pers_support_female_citizen (Civ Centre, House)
Assyrian Merchant – pers_support_trader (Market)
Priest of Shamash – ptol_support_healer_b (Temple)
Fishing Boat – assyrian_ship_fishing (Dock)
Merchant Ship – cart_ship_merchant (Dock)
War Ship – cart_ship_bireme (Dock)

The exact corresponding scenario editor actor files are listed beside the structure names below,
followed by their trainable units.
Barracks – assyrian_barracks (Chaldaean Archer, Hittite Spearman, Hebrew Slinger, Elamite Skirmisher)
Corral – pers_corral (Sheep)
Dock – pers_dock (Fishing Boat, Merchant Ship, War Ship)
Farmstead – assyrian_farmstead
Farm Field - assyrian_field
House – assyrian_house (Assyrian Woman)
Outpost - pers_outpost
Storehouse - pers_storehouse
Civ Centre – pers_civil_centre (Syrian Horseman, Chaldaean Archer, Hittite Spearman, Assyrian
Blacksmith - pers_blacksmith
Defense Tower - pers_defense_tower
Market – pers_market (Assyrian Merchant)
Stables – assyrian_stables (Syrian Horseman, Scythian Horse Archer (starting in town phase), Assyrian Chariot (starting in city phase))
Temple – pers_temple (Priest of Shamash)
City Wall – pers_wall... etc.
Warehouse – other/pers_warehouse (Conscript Laborer – only building this unit can be trained from) –
the warehouse functions as a forward operating dropsite; it can be built in neutral territory, but slowly decays over time
Fortress – pers_fortress (Assyrian Officer)
Royal Palace – pers_apadana (Heroes, Infantry Guard Officer)
Royal Apartments – other/pers_apartment_block (Infantry Guardsman, Royal Bodyguard Cavalryman)
Siege Workshop – other/pers_inn (Siege Ram, Siege Tower)
Great Temple of Shamash at Hatra wonder – pers_tacara

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