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Paid development 2016


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Following a recent staff meeting and being available as a self-employed software developer ('Freiberufler'),
I hereby offer to do paid development to work beyond the duty of my staff member status.

As such, I would plan the features for upcoming releases,
be available on IRC to discuss pending tasks of the team and contributors,
implement features and rewrite existing code to be more maintainable,
review the proposed code of contibutors,
write weekly progress reports and
take miscellaneous incurring responsabilities,
like balancing, testing, producing video trailers or server administration.

My previous expertise covers both the scripted part of the game (graphical user interface,
simulation, random-map-scripts), but also the core engine (GUI, network, lobby, serialization, pathfinder).

As seen on trac, there are still more than 800 unsolved tasks, of which I could fix many directly or in cooperation with new contributors. Here an examplary list of features I envision to solve:

  • GUI
    • horizontal scrollbars
    • Gamesetup rewrite
    • Summary screen graphs
    • Game-info #3263 and network window #3787, chat history
    • Improving ingame GUI and completing the tech-tree
    • Automatic camera control when observing, extension of #3743
    • Uncommitted foundations shouldn't be seen by other players #2710
    • Visualize the attack range of units/buildings #3915
    • Minimap ping #3491
  • Hotkeys
    • Add a configuration dialog to customize hotkeys
    • Navigate menus with the keyboard #3235
    • Selecting and building structures #1899 #1312
  • Simulation / Gameplay features
    • Giving fields a bonus depending on terrain #1318 #3997
    • Corraling #1907
    • Regicide gamemode #2160
    • Missing hero auras
    • Fixing ship movements #3472
    • Camouflaging #3177
    • Trading between more than 2 markets #3872
  • Singleplayer campaign (would probably require a historian on board)
  • Network code
  • Replay Mode
    • Downloading full replays from the host #3963
    • Rewinding replays #3261
    • Performance optimization by using a cache #3433
  • Multiplayer Lobby
    • Reduce rating or ban people who quit rated games early #3951
    • Show more information about running matches #3476
  • New random maps

Performance optimizations of the simulation components and pathfinder are essential and could be approached in cooperation with team members who are familiar with all its fallacies.

Further responsibilities could include project managing:

  • Recommending tasks to team members and new contributors
  • Organizing staff meetings in case the project leader is busy
  • Video editing / promotional trailer
  • Web-Development and server administration
  • Writing release announcements


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