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WiFi Connections Lag Spikes - Solutions & Tips - WIP

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Hello dear community,

I've seen lately lot of players on my games with lag problems, apparently caused by WiFi connections. WiFi connections are hardly - or never - stable as Ethernet cable connection, so if you ever get a chance: connect your pc by wired connection when playing online games.


Dedicated space for extra tips about WiFi (intereferences and similar). Depending on users. WIP.

Windows from XP SP3 until now

Long story short: Windows does scan for WiFi networks even if it's already connected to an existing one, which leads in sudden lag spikes.

Solution: WLAN Optimizer (Author URL: http://www.martin-majowski.de/)

Download (wopt021.zip), unzip wherever you please and execute WLAN Optimizer. Once open, make sure "Disable background scan" is correctly ticked, and play with the other settings if you wish to achieve some extra performance.

NOTE: WLAN Optimizer won't speed up your WiFi and/or reduce noise/interference, it will prevent lag spikes caused periodically by Windows.



Of course, feel free to make questions or additions :)

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