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Hey guys, thanks to sanderd and leper, even a computer noob like me could make his own mod.

The mod focuses around the gameplay aspect of the game, trying to make decision making and strategic abilities a central part of the game, doing a few tweaks to structures role and some units stats and cost. To have a better view of the project, check this topic http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19828

I make this topic not just to gather eventual testers, wich would help in the near future, but also because i have some questions:

How do i share my mod?

How do i make the mod less heavy? all the "public" files are in the mod folder right now, should it work if I only put the modded file in it or is there some stricter rules to follow to make it run? i once tried to only put the "simulation" folder, but didnt work for some reason.

Thanks in advance!


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Aw, it doesn't add Super Mario to the game? :(;)

It should work if you load the public mod and your own mod whilst your own mod contains only the modified files (in the right folder structure)(and a correct mod.json)

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A mod will most likely only work with a certain version of the game.

So it's best to use a version control system to develop it on par with our changes. And then, when we release a new version of the game, you can also release an easy-to-install mod zip for that version.

F.e. you can use git as a version control system, and upload it to a repo in github, where all testers can download it.

And as niek says, try to keep your mod as small as possible, only include files that you actually changed. Only the mod.json file is needed to load your mod, and contains the mod description.

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I see....so I should start working on the latest SVN copy since you told me templates have changed because of capturing.

Then make the mod work with only the modded files in it, and then share it on git.

Ok, once all of this is done, I'll post a link right here. Maybe a week or 2 if everything goes as planned.

Stay tuned I guess!

Thanks as always.


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So guys, if you want check my mod, here it is https://github.com/Zezil/zezilmod

It's a gameplay mod, its purpose is to give the player the chance to choose from a variety of different build orders, which counter each other.

This way scouting becomes very important and creativity and improvisational skills get rewarded.

Strategic aspect of the game becomes the most prevalent (as opposed to how the game right now is, very tactical and micro oriented) and mindgames become part of the game.

In order to obtain such a different feel, the main changes are the following:

  • Soldiers can only be produced from barracks.
  • In order to give the possiblity to make men earlier (rush & turtling build orders), decrease on wood cost for soldiers and most age1 structures.
  • In order to give the possiblity to boom, batch spawn bonus is increased for women in the cc (a booming build order will revolve around making big batches of women, which will require a fast housing and therefore won't allow an early barrack)
  • Decrease of cc fire power to balance attack and defence

This are the main changes and the mod is not complete yet. To really be able to balance a turtling stance, it's required some testing.

So testers who believe in the idea or are just courious are welcome.

I'd love to have your feedback.

Thanks again to those who helped me to mae the mod.


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