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Awesome game. Keep up the good work.

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Its great to see that this RTS in development. Even better that its Open Source. Its really good to play and I know it will get even better with time.

I think this project has a lot of potential. Especially with mods and custom games. I look forward to seeing some of the awesome custom maps with triggers etc that Warcraft 3 and Starcraft had in a few years from now.

I think this game has massive potential in the future and its really fun already.

Really missing the left hand only hot keys for buildings. It feels really differen't for me using the mouse to make buildings.

Also I think as well as using Ctrl as the only key that can be used to assign groups. For example Ctrl + 1 etc it would be great to use the ` key as well. Then it would be super fast for hand movements on the keyboard. "`" + "1".

Also ungarrissioning ships near hills often gets units stuck in unmovable positions.

Its so excellent to find this game in development. Thanks to the Development team. Keep it up :D.

Also had a few games using the lobby. Lots of fun. Thanks for creating an opensource RTS. I'll have some 0 AD LAN partys later on maybe after Alpha 18 or 19 comes out.

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