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Towards Automated Testing

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Here is a Python 0AD launcher which intercepts stdout lines and reacts to certain command. The commands start with hash bang space '#! '. They can be placed everywhere (I think) within JS code.


print("#! terminate"); // terminates 0AD

Currently it works with Python 2.6.7 (Ubuntu 14.04 default) and gnome-terminal and probably a lot of other configurations. So far it understands 3 commands:

print("#! write Full/File/Path") // opens a file to redirect outputprint("#! close")                // closes this fileprint("#! terminate")            // terminates 0ADprint("#! clear");               // clears terminal, not yet working

It's already in use to export the triple store as JSON file. Next steps will be output to multiple files and overwrite files within a bot directory e.g. to relaunch with a different config and somehow marry it with the charts mod.

Most pressing question now is: How can I call 'Engine.SetSimRate(20)' from JS or the launcher?

I'm not exactly an expert in system programming with Python, but the links of the copy&pasted code are included. Feel free to propose more commands, I'll check everything.


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No, it's not for game testing, it's for bot testing. I need a possibility to tryout different strategies and don't have the time to actually play them interactively. Imagine it as a very little step towards introducing bots based on Monte Carlo methods or genetic algorithms. There is of course some overlapping - no offense meant here.

Engine.SetSimRate(20), anyone?

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The launcher can now deal with xdotool on Linux. xdotool can move windows, sends keystrokes and mouse clicks, works quite reliable. Also I found glc allows to capture OpenGL windows. Launcher.py is now at github. Here a video showing why this toolchain was needed. It shows Hannibal launching two miner groups and a scout. At tick #10 it switches to SimRate 20.

It took some time to make the video caps running, so here the script to save anybody else interested some headache:

## launch 0 A.D. per python script with autostart captureglc-capture --start --fps=30 --resize=1.0 --disable-audio --out=pyro.glc ./launcher.py## convert captured byte stream into mp4glc-play pyro.glc -o - -y 1 | avconv  -i -  -an -y pyro.mp4## remove 15 secs with black frames at startavconv -i pyro.mp4 -codec copy -ss 15 -y pyro01.mp4## move mp4 header from end to start for better streamingqt-faststart pyro01.mp4 pyro02.mp4## checkmplayer pyro02.mp4
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