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Summing Up The Centurion Post Of Infinite Farming


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This is NOT a continuation of the infinite farming thread because its served its purpose beautifully. This is a note from the author/op.

Firstly some staff have felt I was being a bit unmannerly in my argument. I do apologize to all the staff members for giving you that impression. I never intended rudeness, unsettled-ness or lack of any respect thereof. And specially to Erik, my posts were strictly for arguments sake (constructively speaking).

But in the light at the end of it, it had accomplished its purpose exactly how I wanted it too.

Let me explain.

The thread shifted back and forth, up and down, no way for either side right?

This is actually referred to as stalemate ;)

And the thread is was the exact reflection of it.

Infinite farming was like the convosation, never ending, no way for each side. Very much at a constant, something doesn't happen and is not natural in a game like this.

As much as you might say, the thread served no purpose, so does infinite farming, serves no purpose. Because if we accept infinite farming, we can just accept cheating so there is NO POINT precisely.

The Centurion thread about infinite farming is one of the most beautiful played out threads you'll see with an obvious, yet hidden meaning of the argument in full.

Thanks to the dev for sharing your ideas and for your time, and may the argument live now in the back of minds... Eagerly inducing, provoking a reversion to the older system. The thread was the plague, the pest that attacks the harvest of the farms mechanic, and probably remain till it eats the infinite mechanic dead... in the minds of the designers and then they plant a new seed.... One which will center 0 A.D. On the tallest mountain of RTS genres in history....

Thank you :)

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