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hellenic formations for Carthage


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Syntagma and Phalanx are associatted with:

* Grreks

* Macedonia

* Diadochi

but there is a none-heenistic state that uses this formations, Cartage, since Jantipus' reforms, he get the phalanx and syntagma formations for Carthage,

Sehir Hanit as Holipites, Sacred Band of Baal, as Spartaties "Jantipus was born in Sparta", Chariots aside "after numidian calvary"

after Cartage during punic wasa mantatin this formatins with a few changes, on left ranged units "numidian, calvary, iberian mercenaries", and on the right the "heavy units":

* Swordmen: Samnites and Celts

* and on the "rightest" side of army the calvary "iberian and celt", and the true side left the Sacred Band of Astarte

a few images about the "phalanx on carthage"




my evidence is:


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