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Put 0ad in gog.com/indie perhaps ?

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Hi all,

As the fund-raiser is happening, perhaps it would be a good idea to also showcase the game via gog.com/indie . You might be able to generate some cash or if nothing else make it easier for people who may have not heard the game or played it, be able to see and play it. I don't see any downside to it, can the people who are leading 0ad take some initiative and see if something can pan out.

Good luck on the fund-raiser.

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For the fundraiser to be successful we (not just "we") will have to spread the word about 0 A.D.. Even with all these donations flowing in the fundraiser still runs a significant risk of not meeting the goal as it eventually will likely meet donor exhaustion, turning that flow into a trickle. If the fundraiser is to succeed (as in meet the fundraiser goal) we will have to actively promote the project and draw new donors to our cause. Promoting it around gaming communities will be a big part of of this fundraiser's success.

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