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[FIXED] Sound Issues in Alpha 11 with Windows XP


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As I mentioned in the New Sound Manger for the SVN thread, I am having sound issues in Alpha 11 with Windows XP. I have sound, but there is a lot of static with all sounds, including music, when I haven't had any sound issues before, beyond the known issue with music stopping after leaving a match with the old sound manager.

The log files that feneur suggested that I provide are attached below.



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In a Single of my Machines i have a problem, the sound is too low, i have too change something in confing file?, this happens Only in Alpha Released not in SVN, and only in thtat machine.

Hello, so you are saying that the latest svn fixes the problem even on your one bad machine? If this is true it is excellent news. The fix was only for the hissing issue, but it would be great if it also affected the reports of mismatched volume also...

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