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You Do Not Need to Buy 0 A.D. on eBay


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The art of packaging can make people choose to purchase rather than downloading directly.

0 A.D. is actually already sell-able even before its completion because some people just want to have something new and don't need a finished version.

Indeed. Selling 0 A.D. even at this stage in an honest and open way is perfectly okay. People choose buy incomplete software all the time, especially when they know that it helps further development. Look at what Wolfire Games has been doing with Overgrowth. The key words here are open and honest. Folks know they are getting something incomplete. What some folks seem to be selling on Ebay is not open and honest--they grossly misrepresent the product. This we want to attempt to prevent when we can, but our hands are somewhat tied in this area. All we can do is try to be as informative as possible to the fans and hope no one is duped by a 3rd party.
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Would an Apache license add more control of who can sell it? Because then you could make the notice say the exact same thing as the copyright and tell people, hey, you can go download it too for free.

It doesn't seem feasible to change license at this point, because so many contributions under the GPL have been integrated into the game, with the authors long gone, so we can't ask them to relicense them. But according to this, the Apache License 1.0 is DFSG (Debian) compatible. So, if people want to do it, it ought to be possible to include a clause of this type on the artwork, without anyone complaining too much:

 * 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this
* software must display the following acknowledgment:
* "This product includes software developed by the Apache Group
* for use in the Apache HTTP server project (http://www.apache.org/)."

(Obviously substituting product names etc. as appropriate.)

(Edit: The FSF would complain if they could, though.)

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People with very small bandwidth allowances or really slow download speeds might find it useful. Some people like to have physical copies of games since then you have a nice box etc. I have bought physical copies before when the price was close enough to download cost. Though I think that the ebay sellers are unlikely to have produced a nice quality box and the download is free so that last reason shouldn't apply if they know what they are buying.

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