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What do you think of rust programming language?

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I thought rust is still in heavy development, maybe even just a proof-of-concept, or at least the new engine from Mozilla. And it's not even sure, whether it will a success in the end. I wouldn't think about using it, although I think it's a quite interesting experiment nevertheless.

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Some people argue for a change.. For example we used asm, then switched to C, and then to C++. They argue for C# and D to be the next change. But according to me, game industry has stablized itself, that there is no need for switching.. ie we have reached a point of saturation. (they fail to understand that application programming languages are not equal to systems programming languages.)

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I am not advocating anything... and please, I am against a flamewar.

I am just saying that now its ''not'' a time for changing tools.... its time for changing ideas.

Like we always be using a screwdriver, we should focus on buiding things, with what we traditionally use(in this perticular case, C++)...

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Oh, sorry. I didn't not mean to flame in anyway. In hindsight I have no idea how i got the impression you were wondering whether 0ad might switch languages. As a general principle I would say one can use as high-level a language as he/she wants for anything as long as a compiler/interpreter exists which is fast enough for the task at hand. A second more practical consideration would be the availability of libraries to simplify the task.

Edit (2013): I now know Rust as actually a great language for high-performance desktop applications.

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