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Kazu Kun

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So I was thinking instead of making us go through all the awful troubles of having to get a SVN Client, and getting all that junk,

Why not just Integrate a [update Button] into the Home Screen of the game that works as a SVN Client, and updates the 0 A D game? - After it finishes the update, 0 A D will restart, using all the newest little gadgets that you all put so much hard work and time into!

I think this should be a TOP priority :)


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Would be cool, but it'll never work. Big changes in SVN need to be compiled usually, and compiling isn't done automatically. It has to be triggered. So if someone hits update before the game is recompiled, then things will break majorly.

It's also a massive job. Embedding SVN, making it work.... this'll never be done. Sorry.

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