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Texture Artist Application- Gothic


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Hi there. Right now most of the texture work we need done would be in the areas of map terrain, flora and fauna, and GUI. Have any interest in these areas?

Kind regards.

I am sorry for my delayed response. I am not that experienced in those areas at all but it does not hurt to learn how to do those things. I will try to learn how to do them if there is not a need for texturing troops.

this guy is amazing

Thanks, but I think I am average at best. I really could use some work learning how to model better but I have not been trying to improve my modeling skills on account of how interesting texturing is in the long run. Stuff like height maps, AO/Displacements, and poly baking makes texturing a lot more interesting than modeling to me at the moment.

Edit: Also, I might try getting my modeling/texture mentor to apply here. Since this is a open source mod, I think he will be able to make models for this game(Don't ask why he can't :D).

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Yea, mainly Hellenistic influenced soldiers such as the Italics. I think the only thing I've made ever that isn't Hellenic or Hellenistic is either Viking era stuff or that Agen helmet I showed you guys.

Do you use Photoshop?

Gimp. I can not buy it and I do not feel right pirating it. Also, for the modeling program, I use Wings 3D as opposed to Blender or 3dsMax. It's decent when combined with other tools.

Edit: Hmm, yeah, the texture maps look similar to the texture maps in Roma Surrectum(Rome Total War Mod). Shouldn't take too long to get used to it :). I might take a look at the .dds files in the public archive to see how helmets and all that other stuff looks.

Edit Question: How do the collada models work? What program do you use for them?

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