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Some good ideas :)


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I dont know if they were already posted.

1st idea) Have a multiplayer lobby. You know, like others games, where you can choose the server you want to play.

2nd idea) Have a better bot: For example, an ally that helps you because i played a game yesterday, and the 2 enemies bots attacked me..and my ally did nothing...he was making building and he had no army near his town center

3rd idea) Have some upgrades like better swords or better armor.

I think that's all for now ;) hope that this will help you to improve this awesome free game :D

and thanks for making it for Linux too!!!!!

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The citizen soldiers do have rank. Click on them, and you should see level indicators after they return from a battle. The more experience they gain, the more "upgraded" they become. Also, the other features will be implemented in the future. Just stay tuned ;)

I can't wait!!!! I just want to help but i don't know how!

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