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Will the graphics themselves receive a makeover before it is released. Meaning, is this current alpha stage like a low option for graphics and a higher option would be available later?

Higher res textures? Higher res models? Or are you talking about renderer things like distance fog, bloom, HDR, normal maps, etc. etc.?
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iirc some other graphics effects are planned, and not all of the current effects are in a finished state.

although I doubt the models and units wil get much of a makeover. maybe a few units might get remade, such as the horses, but recreating content is a lot of work, and takes a lot of time. time that most people working on this probably don't have.

btw, you might want to dig around until you can find the 0ad preferences file, you can change some graphics options there. (by default, the game runs at 1024x768, but it can run in 1920x1200 just as well.)

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