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Various Suggestions


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various suggestions to improve (in my opinion) this great game:

  1. if i create a group, at the left appears a button to select the group. A double click should center the view to this group, like it is possible with the keyboard.
  2. possibility to give a name to the group, or maybe assign a custom icon. For example, if i create a group only with cavalry units, it should be nice assign to that group a horse icon, to remember the composition of the group.
  3. visualize promotions and group like Warzone 2100. Here an example.
  4. add some food plants popular in Mediterannean places like olive tree and Opuntia ficus-indica (Indian fig opuntia or barbary fig)
  5. units should privilige roads (if exist). For example, in map "Acropolis II" there's a wonderful road that connects the two factions, but, if i send units from my city to the enemy one, units didn't use the road: maybe every type of terrain should have a modifier of units speed, to boost the use of roads.
  6. when i have a group of units in march and change the point of destination, the group change direction instantly: it would be possible make this transition more smooth? It also should be great if a column formation, to follow roads with bends, could have a radius of curvature, instead of always be straight

I hope I made it clear. English is not my first tongue :blush:

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1. This is something we want too. It'll take some jiggering with the UI code to make it work. Stay tuned.

2. This is a good suggestion as well. AOM and I think AOE3 did this.

3. A very good possibility. We used to have this but we thought it cluttered things up and wasn't intuitive (they used silver and gold pips). We can probably revisit this though since we have some nice new rank icons.

4. I agree about Olive Trees. I'm waiting on word from someone who has applied to be an environmental artist to see what he can do.

5. We have a rudimentary implementation of this already. But if a road curves too much then the units will opt to take the shortest route.

6. Yeah, we've talking about the way units move in formation. In column formation especially, it would be nice for the men to "follow the leader" in a snake-like fashion.

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Files like data/mods/public/art/textures/terrain/types/biome-desert/desert_city_tile_plaza.xml define the "movementclass" of terrain types. data/mods/public/simulation/data/pathfinder.xml has <MovementClasses> that define the movement speed and pathfinder cost of each class, for each class of units (based on their <CostClass> in simulation/templates/). Probably it doesn't work well at the moment because it's not defined for many terrain types, or for many unit types, and there's probably a bug that stops it working for groups of more than one unit. But at least the engine basically supports it :)

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