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Best Civ to use 1v1


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Well, that really depends on your strategy.

The Celts are good at rushing and have really nifty infantry because of their superior attack and movement. The navy is not quite as powerful, but they have incredibly strong druids. Another huge strength of them is their farming technology.

The Iberians do not look like much, but have a powerful infantry force and cavalry. Their buildings are also really tough. The real drawback to them is their navy which is, like the Celt's, pathetic.

The Hellenes have the most powerful infantry in the game. Their navy is strong too. The major weakness of them though is their cavalry unless you use the Macedonians, in which case, they have excellent Companion Cavalry.

The Romans have superior infantry that is only surpassed by the Hellenes. They have incredible siege weapons, but are not as good in navy and cavalry.

The Carthaginians are a well rounded faction, excepting that they have the best navy in the game (Their ships are the fastest by the way.) Their balearic slingers are about as good as they go and their Numidian cavalry are the fastest.

The Persians have the most intimidating cavalry, with cavalry of all kinds. They have formidable defenses, horrible siege, and pathetic but expendable infantry. They have a decent navy too.

They all are pretty decent, some being rushers (aka, the Celts, Iberians, and Persians.) and others being good turtlers (Romans, Hellenes, Carthaginians, and Persians.) The Persians can rush with infantry, or turtle with cavalry.

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