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I just saw MACHETE!

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I have to say I really enjoy this movie, and Im not easily satisfied even my wife as treathen with stop comming with me to the teather because "I dont like anything" :)

But for those of you who havent see it let me say is really good picture, lots of stars(Steven Seagal, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jesica Alba), lots of fights and is basically a non pretensious fun movie, if there was a moral lesson there, I didnt see it :D

I also have to add, it have a lot of deads, blod and beheaded people, but what else would you expect from a movie call MACHETE?

The only other movie I could compare this, is 300, but there is also something that came to my atention: Remember all those critics to 300 because of the way they portrait the persians, that even some people talk about boycott the movie, and I believe it was even prohibit in Iran and some other countries.

Well I was thinking, why did nobody say anything about Machete? :D , and I don't talk about the latinos on the movie, but about the gringos!

Every non-latino character in the movie was racist, corrupt, violent and the only two women where nynphomaniacs and drug adicts. The latinos on the other side, where honest hard working people who where only trying to make a living in USA. The only honest cop in the movie was Jesica Alba, and the bad guy, who was supose to be a mexican drug dealer called "Torres" was portrayed by Steven Seagal!

So why did nobody said this movie was racist towards the people from USA?, is it because is a movie made in Hollywood?, what if it were made in Mexico instead, would there be any diference?, is it that the gringos dont care about what the movies say about them?, or it was that the persians are just too sensitives when it comes to movies? ;)


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