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I was just reading up on peoples statuses on facebook (yeah!) when i stumbled upon this little thing:

"No on is illegal": http://womennewsnetwork.net/2010/12/08/3729/

Yeah it's a womans webpage, but the article is interesting for us all.

I want to clear up som subjects that appear in the article. Also, raise a discussion on the matter of immigration!.

- Norway does not send out immigrats, illegal or legal, that has any risk of being killed. Having kept a known terrorists (Mr Krekar amongst others) should prove that to some extent.

- Norway does not disciminate woman in any way or form as far as it is possible. There will always be discrimination in a society, but it will affect both genders more or less equally.

So, how do you all feel about immigration?

It makes me a little angry that this woman who is published in this article are crying out when our government has payed for her masters degree. How bad is it to be an immigrant in a country when the same country pays for a masters degree?!

Is it wrong of someone to expect some sort of gratitude?

All these questions are hard.

Personally I believe it is wrong to expect gratitude. Why should anyone thank YOU (or me) for being given the very same opportunities as YOU? (or me)

At the same time, it's my grandfathers, fathers and my own taxmoney they are spending, on the immigrants themselves, their housing, their education and all that.

But then AGAIN, when they are fully intergrated (or working as taxidrivers ..) they do provide for my education by their taxes.

My personal view would have to be that immigration is OK, but immigrants breaking the law should be sent back. Of course, not for stealing a handbag, but for rape, murder, hard violence and so on and so forth...

Would this make immigration easier? Sending out the bad ones? Or is that unethical?

WOW, messy thread suddendly. Well, I hope you all get the picture. Now, what do YOU think!?

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Agreed. I thought about it and thought it was on the edge of being too controversial to be good to have in these forums, since you have bad feelings about it as well, and it is a controversial topic I'm going to close the topic. Not because I don't think people are entitled their own opinion/express it, but because I believe there are better places to do it than these forums. These forums should primarily be for discussing 0 A.D. and while other topics certainly are allowed, controversial topics should go somewhere else as they're more likely to take away from the development/community than add to it. That said, I'm not going to delete the topic, but rather direct anyone who wants to discuss this with Øyvind to do so via Private Messages to him directly (please do note that due to a lot of spam we've limited access to the PM functions to members who have posted ten or more posts, so if you find that you're able to send a PM, just wait 'til you have posted a few more posts).

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